An organic farmhouse holiday resort in Tuscany

We are an officially recognised organic farm, certified by the Association of Ancient Grains, which means that everything we produce has been cultivated using organic fertilisers or animal feed and, above all that on the 33 hectares of farm you can be sure that you can safely lie on the grass and play with the flowers or the olive branches, knowing that there are no health hazards.

What do we produce? Olive oil, vegetables for our restaurant, tomatoes for our home-made tomato sauce, fruit for our jams, grass to make hay for local animal farms, grapes for wine and an excellent ‘vin santo’ (a wine liqueur), top quality honey barley, spelt, ancient grains and vegetables.
The organic farm, Le Mandrie di Ripalta is close to the town of Montespertoli, just a few kilometres from Florence and has been a farmhouse holiday resort for more than twenty years, under the personal management of the owner, Carlo Cubattoli and his family with the precious help of long term, trustworthy staff.
The farmhouses date back to various eras. The construction of ‘Casa Ripalta’ can be dated to 1350, 1600 and 1900. ‘Casa Schiavone’ was built in 1725.
The farm is located in the Florentine hills and offers a spectacular view of the Tuscan countryside with its far-reaching natural and cultural history. Visiting the important Tuscan art cities, such as Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca and San Gimignano or Volterra is easily done while on holiday here at Le Mandrie di Ripalta. Le Mandrie di Ripalta is approximately 21 km from Florence, 45 km from Siena and 60 km from Pisa.
During your stay on our farmhouse holiday resort, you will have the opportunity to soak up the the atmosphere of a timeless environment which is both relaxing and fun, as well as tasting the typical Tuscan cuisine of our on-site restaurant with local dishes such as ‘ribollita’ (a special and very tasty vegetable soup which includes black cabbage and cannellini beans), stewed meats and, of course, the world famous Florentine steak (to order).
 Le Mandrie di Ripalta guarantees its guests a very different holiday experience to a city holiday. Naturally, the farm has its own private swimming pool for the use of its guests, and from here the magnificent view of the surrounding hills and the medieval castles which top them, only adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

Choose the best way to experience Florence and Tuscany!

NB: pets are not allowed on our farm holiday resort, we thank you for your understanding.

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