Already within the company you can go for walks walking for an hour along the country paths enjoying beautiful views; for the more demanding there are paths between vineyards and olive groves that can extend the walk to half a day or a full day. For sports enthusiasts who want to keep fit with footing and jogging there are no problems, they will find endless paths: you just need to have legs.

By bike
Our roads are the homeland of touristic and sport cycling, from village to village or from farmhouse to farmhouse there are roads and paths for everyone that will lead you to the discovery of ruins, villages, towns and cities of art, enjoying immense and significant panoramas. that will remain inside you: their memory will certainly bring you back to Tuscany.

By car
We are in a strategic position, in Chianti: the Fattoria Le Mandrie di Ripalta is in the center of historic Tuscany. We are 21 km from Florence, 20 km from San Gimignano, 45 km from Siena, 60 km from Pisa, 44 km from Volterra. So you can reach these locations very easily, enjoying unforgettable views along roads lined with vineyards and olive groves. For the more experienced, those who already know the cities of art and want to deepen their knowledge of the territory, we will suggest alternative routes that will lead them to discover the Tuscany of our grandparents, the one that seems to no longer exist but is still there. because in Tuscany, just outside the houses of the cities, there is still life as it used to be: all you need is the desire, the time and the pleasure of wanting to discover it and we assure you that it will be an important experience.

Visits to parks

Those who want to dedicate a day to protected mother nature can choose between:


Between Pisa and the sea, former presidential residence and even before a royal one. Thousands of hectares of pines, oaks and holm oaks that lead from the outskirts of Pisa to the pristine beach of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Inside, deer, fallow deer, wild horses, organic cattle breeding and lots and lots of tranquility.


An important experience. You enter from Barga (with a mandatory visit to the Duomo) and climb the Apuan Alps up to the Galleria del Cipollaio, follow it and look out over the Versilia sea from an altitude of 900 meters with a breathtaking view: it is in fact possible to see the stretch of coast from Portovenere to Livorno. And it does not end here because we are in the middle of the marble quarries, the very ones where Michelangelo went to choose the blocks for his monuments. There you will probably think about how they managed to bring those huge marbles down to Carrara and how they managed to extract them: you will come out drunk with thoughts and sensations.


Located on the Apennines between Florence and Arezzo, it is all forest of chestnut trees, fir trees and other essences, at an altitude from 250 to 1200 meters high. It is an ideal place to find yourself. You can also be hosted at the Franciscan convent, so much so that there have also been retreats of political figures but it seems with little success because they have never managed to find themselves or any other feeling. But you, attentive visitors, will feel the Franciscan air that pulls in those parts and perhaps you will bring in certain moods that will accompany you over time.


In the province of Grosseto, Maremma Marittima, exactly a chain of hills that divide the Aurelia state road from the sea for an excursion that goes from the south of Grosseto to almost the Argentario Promontory. Park dedicated to the conservation of the traditions of Maremma life. It is here that the last cowherds placed to guard the conservation of long-horned bovine breeds, a breed that arrived in ancient times from India, and of the Maremmano horse breed, an animal with an imposing neck and head suitable for the work of containing bovine herds, are found. Walking through this area on foot through beautiful pine forests, here too you can meet fallow deer, deer and wild boar even near the sea where you can enjoy beaches full of surreal peace; a sunset on that sand makes a whole year feel good.

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