Agritourism Restaurant

Agritourism Restaurant “Italian Cuisine”.

What to eat with us? Simple things as is the Tuscan cuisine, rich in simple but beautifully cooked, assorted dishes in the variety, the natural choice of ingredients and especially well-placed in the daily menu: appetizers, first and second courses are carefully matched with the objective of enhance the taste experience. To facilitate the taste of many of our dishes we decided to offer guests a menu that allows them to enjoy every night different combinations of them so have a fairly extensive knowledge of Tuscan dishes. Some dishes are original to the family, such as the soups that are handed down from about eighty years.

Why willingly we suffer the half board farm Le Mandrie di Ripalta ?

The dishes that we have always offered our guests lovers of Tuscany and Chianti in particular, have a little history behind the family culinary tradition.

Anyone who is in the kitchen of our kitchen produces mainly of recipes that have been created following the Tuscan tradition of my father Giovanni families and my mother Emilia, handed down from generation to generation, or some of our employees

In these years, we continue to work to perfect our dishes and we suggest guests the correct order to taste the menu with a good combination between food and our wine. Disdiciamo not suggest other important wines and popular, although we remain convinced that, for the palate, the wine pairing and local cuisine is the most “close-knit” and satisfying: the wine product and the culinary one area complement each other.

Where it comes from our passion for cooking ?

Our family is originally from the territory of Montespertoli and San Vincenzo a Torri for four generations. Our ancestors, like many in these parts, had a bit ‘of land to be cultivated with vines, olive trees, wheat and fruits, the hen house, the garden and the cellar for Chianti. Not missing the gun, hanging behind the door, so the cunning fox to hunt, but also the pheasant and the hare when it happened, and in the right season, the thrush and partridge, hence the passion for stewed meats and roasts on the grill. There was no farmhouse that had not stalletto for the pig, which was made a process that brought about our hams boards, fennels, black pudding, sausages … and the house that gave capons for Christmas and ducks with ducks entertained the tables of the wheat harvest, and the harvest.

The Angiolina aunt, my father’s sister, was the first of the family to turn his passion into a job. From 1935 to 1955 he managed the “Montespertoli staging post”, the place where the horses were exchanged on the route Florence – Val d’Elsa, and where people would refresh. The aunt, with three fires in coal and good Chianti wine, put on the table about forty people every day.

The pleasure for the table continues today here the farm, and in our daily lives at family reunions whose menus are designed in accordance with my sister Maria Luisa and my brother Giancarlo; my daughter Chiara follows this passion and sometimes organizes successfully catering for small events.

In short, while not professional farmers (by my father we have always worked in construction, while from maternal great-grandmother was the “Midwife of Montespertoli” and the father subfactor on a farm and then communal guard) we have always been people campaign, perhaps with some of us who work in the city, but always remaining with solid and convinced peasant roots.

Understand where it comes from our farm? From the love for this land.

We wait at the table … before it gets cold.

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