Bottled Classics



Each package contains: 1 bottle Toscano Olive Oil 750 cl cold pressed, 1 bottle Toscano Red Wine 14.00 degrees year 2021, 1 bottle Toscano White Wine 12.00 degrees year 2021.


We decided to offer for sale the products most appreciated by customers who have been frequenting Le Mandrie Farm in Ripalta for 30 years.

This is a small production very careful in the quality of wine, cold pressed olive oil, pasta made from our ancient wheat, dicocco spelt and barley that will be on sale
until the end of the harvested quantities, after which we will close the sale pending new harvests

Besides, we sell only the products we grow seasonally and process into wine, oil, cookies and flour.

Being part of the Montespertoli Ancient Grains Group, we cultivate everything without chemical amendments (only in wines there are sulphites).



  • 1 bottle of Tuscan Olive Oil 750 cl cold milled
  • 1 bottle of Tuscan red wine degrees 14.00 year 2021
  • 1 bottle of Tuscan white wine degrees 12.00 year 2021
  • Wooden box with Le Mandrie logo

Size: 33 cm. x 27 cm. x 10 cm.

Weight 4.320 kg.

Additional information

Weight 4,320 kg
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 10 cm