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Itineraries and trips

You can walk for about an hour around the grounds of the farm, along country trails with beautiful views. Those looking for more of a challenge can take a day or half-day hike through the vineyards and olive groves. Runners and joggers can train on countless trails: just bring your feet!

whether you cycle for sport or tourism, our streets are what you’ve been looking for! From town to town, from farm to farm, the country trails will give you the opportunity to discover old villas, villages, and towns of artistic interest. The great, astonishing views of our countryside will stay with you and will surely bring you back to Tuscany even after you trip is over.

By car
Strategically located in Chianti, Le Mandrie di Ripalta is right in the heart of historical Tuscany. The farm is located 21 km from Florence, 20 km from San Gimignano, 45 km from Siena, 60 km from Pisa, and 44 km from Volterra. You can drive to any of these cities while enjoying the unforgettable panorama of vineyards and olive groves. For those who have already visited the main cities of the area and wish to know more about the region, we suggest alternative itineraries to discover old time Tuscany. Here, history is still alive outside the bustle of the big cities, and those who take the time and pleasure to discover it will enjoy a unique experience.


Those who wish to spend a day on protected nature sites can choose among the following parks.


Once a royal and presidential residence, this park is located between Pisa and the sea. Thousands of hectares of pines, oaks, and holm oaks that link Pisa to the uncontaminated shoreline of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here, you’ll find deer, fallow deer, wild horses, and an organic cattle farm. A perfect haven of tranquility!


A truly meaningful experience. The visit starts at Barga (where you must see the cathedral) and continues climbing the Apuan Alps until the Cipollaio Tunnel. The view that opens up after the tunnel, from 900 m of height, is definitely stunning: the Versilia sea and the shoreline between Portovenere and Livorno. Here, among the marble quarries where Michelangelo chose the blocks for his sculptures, you’ll wonder how they could extract such big marble blocks and bring them all the way to Carrara… An amazingly overwhelming feeling!


Located on the Apennine Mountains (250 to 1200 m above sea level) between Florence and Arezzo, this park is a wide forest of chestnut trees, spruces, and other trees. It is the ideal place to rediscover yourself. You can lodge at the Franciscan convent in the park, as many political personalities did in the past. The special atmosphere of this place will stay with you long after your trip is over.


Located in the province of Grosseto, in the heart of the Maremma Marittima region, this park is right on the hill range that separates the Aurelia state highway from the sea, from the south of Grosseto to the Argentario promontory. This park actively preserves the traditions of the region. Here, the last Maremma cowherds (butteri) vigil over long-horn bovines native of India on Maremma horses, animals with imposing head and neck that are particularly fit for leading the cattle. You can walk through stunning pine woods and run into fallow deer, deer, and wild boars. The beaches are a perfect haven of peace: enjoy the sunset and take its memory with you!


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